Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Parent to Child, a poem by Ananya Swaminathan

Parent to Child

“Teach me how to love,” begged a child of ice,
“Teach me how to hold things dear.
All my life, I have only known the coldness
Of empty rooms and broken promises.”

“Teach me how to smile like other children,
Teach me how to laugh and sing.
I’m still cold after sitting by the fireplace
Because for me, no fire burns within.”

“Teach me how to make a friend (because I have none),
Teach me how to scream and cry.
If only I could get rid of this numbness
That renders me unable to empathize.”

“Teach me how to show gratitude and compassion,
Teach me how to love someone deeply,
Nothing is capable of hurting me now,
But nothing can make me feel happy.”

“I will make your icy heart melt,” I tell her.
“I will light a fire in your soul.
I will show you kindness and consideration,
To fix you and to make you whole.”

“I will be your friend when no one else is,
I will make you laugh and cry and sing.
You can trust that every promise, I’ll keep,
And in an empty room, you I will never leave.”

“Take my hand and don’t let go.
I promise that I’ll hold on, too.
You’ll feel many things but never cold
So long as I am right next to you.”

Ananya S.

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