Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Book Review of Dangerous by Shannon Hale by Ravjit Kaur

Book Review of Dangerous by Shannon Hale
by Ravjit Kaur

This is a fantastic dystopian book that has a sci-fi twist to it! It is interesting, and different from other dystopian books that have a typical plot. This book is filled with action packed adventure, and crazy science fiction, with alien tech that’s out of this world! (Literally and figuratively).

Enter Maisie Danger Brown, the one armed girl that will save the world. Maisie has always wanted to be an astronaut, but with one arm, that isn’t likely to happen. When she gets the chance to go to NASA-like astronaut boot camp, she jumps right in! Little does she know, she will be getting into a whole lot more than that. Her team wins challenges at the camp, and she, her team, and the alarmingly charming Jonathan Wilder head to a little island off the coast of Ecuador to see a space pod. Before she knows what’s going on, they are up in space, and Dr. Howell, the rich scientist who made the camp, lets them touch alien technology. The alien technology plants itself inside their bodies, and they gain crazy superpowers. Aliens whose planets had been taken over sent these so called “tokens” to other plants to help them. Faced with saving the world, the “fireteam” appoints Wilder as their leader. Complications arise, and Maisie acquires all five tokens. Now it’s up to her to save everyone. However, Wilder’s dad wants the tokens to himself. With Wilder’s dad, Maisie, and the scientists all fighting for the tokens, time is running out for the Earth to be saved from the ghost-like aliens that inhibit humans’ bodies and trash them after they’re done. The only way to save everyone is to destroy their ship, so that the aliens won’t have anything to use as a host, but will Maisie be able to do it? Or will she crack under the pressure?

I love this book so much. It shows great loyalty, courage, and teamwork between the characters. This book is amazing, and is one of the best books I have ever read! If you want in on the full story, then read this book!

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