Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fifth Grade Graduation, a poem by Chandu Singathi

Fifth Grade Graduation
I walked out of my house
The golden sun shined down on me
I twisted the black loops in my hair
Knowing this was my last week at Greenbrook
My green dress blew in the gentle summer breeze
I will graduate today

Everyone was dressed like royals
Wearing formal shirts or sparkly dresses
We all knew what was coming
We all thought we would feel blue
But the gold was on our minds
Freedom will be here before we know it

As every class walked into the colorful gym
Family members settled in the back
I spotted my mom and dad
Then I saw my sister in the third grade section
Noise filled the huge assembly
I felt ecstatic neon yellow peeking out from within me

There was a slideshow of us all
Showing memories from our past like a black-and-white movie
Clear tears formed in my eyes as I watched
But once they handed me the golden President’s Award
I knew I was in on a fresh new journey
To a colorful place in the next chapter of my life

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