Saturday, March 21, 2015

Coming of Spring by Joshua Liao

The Coming of Spring

                These past few days mark the beginning of warm weathered spring. The cold bitter winter has gone, and for the first time, the chirping of birds fills the night air. Nature awakens as bears come out of hibernation and flowers begin to show their brilliant colors. The weather turns warm as short sleeves and shorts are worn for the first time. It’s almost as if the whole world is beginning to awaken. The neighborhood kids come out to play and spring sports begin. Basketball hits is famous march madness stage and the 8 month baseball season gets underway. Spring has come for everyone to enjoy. For many, the warm pleasant weather makes it the best time of the year. Winter occasionally reminds us of its power by showing a few cold days here and there, but the liveliness of spring is always present. For teenagers, spring marks the beginning of the long awaited spring break and the countdown to the impending summer. Needless to say, it is always exciting when the spring season comes every year.  

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