Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Impact of Martin Luther King by Joshua Liao

Impact of Martin Luther King
By: Joshua Liao

As we all sit at home this Monday on Martin Luther King’s day and watch T.V., play video games, or do whatever we do when we don’t have school, I recommend sitting down and taking a moment to appreciate what this man did for us. After all, schools all around the nation are taking a day off to commemorate his death. Look at our society today. Kids of different backgrounds, with different skin colors, and different religions are able to interact with each other and become friends, thanks to the legacy that Martin Luther King left for us. He had a vision of a different world, a society where whites and blacks were allowed to mix, and relentlessly pursued it. King stood up to the threats, the hate, and ultimately gave his life for this cause. King held his pride and his anger in check, standing as a symbol of peaceful protests. He led marches, parades, and gave speeches, all in an effort to convince the American public of the brighter future that they could have. Indeed no one can refute the idea that our lives are not better off with a mixed society. There are African Americans rooted in all parts of our world today from the government to sports and our everyday friends. But to really understand the magnitude of what he did, let’s imagine for a moment that you have an idea you want to tell the world. However, you know that if you did, you’d be putting your life and all those that you love in danger. Would you still try and tell it to others? How about after your house was bombed, your wife and children threatened, and you personally were verbally abused? There are not many individuals who could put up with that and still continue their mission. Martin Luther King Jr. was one extraordinary person that could, showing why he deserves a moment of our recognition and respect today.  

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