Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Children of the Future by Harrison Chiu

Children of the Future
By: Harrison Chiu

 “I started doing practice tests early”
I’m sorry for missing your birthday party these years
“I have a writing tutor to practice essays”
I wrote you a letter, black pen on cream-colored paper
“My parents say I’m gifted, more than the other kids”
I made you a gift, every year
“I practiced watercolor painting with my art teacher”
I painted the box a dull gold, the color of sunrise, just like you liked it
“I’m supposed to give something great to world”
I never had the chance to give it to you
 “My grades are not good enough”
I never wore the right clothes, or said the right things
“I’m not good enough.”
But that never mattered to you
“I have enough volunteer hours”
We spent so much time together
“I performed on a stage, in the spotlight”
In the sunlit forests of make-believe
“My future is clear”
And in the blue skies, flying kites and counting clouds
“I live in the future”
But I lost you, left you behind, in the present

I miss you.

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