Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Car Wrecks Nothing New for Indy Couple

Car Wrecks Nothing New for Indy Couple
            A lot of people may think a car crashing into someone’s living room is quite an unusual event. Perhaps it only happens to a few unlucky people that we see in the news. The chances of this event happening to typical family are pretty low, right? Well may be not for the couple in Indianapolis, whose living room was crashed by an SUV for the eleventh time in the past thirty years. Lee Mccall and her husband Timothy’s house was destroyed, and it’s going to take ten thousand dollars to clean up the mess.
            Mccall says that it was a typical day until she heard glass shattering. She says that she was only inches away from the car. For a minute she was in shock, and then her husband, Timothy, urged her to quickly get out of the house. The driver of the car says that she was crossing some rail road tracks near the couple’s house, and then all of a sudden, her car slid into their home. She was then thrown through the windshield, and taken to the hospital. However, she only had minor injuries.  The Mccalls say that this is the worst of the total eleven accidents that happened in the past thirty years
            Now who would have thought a car crashing through someone’s living room is nothing special. It looks like the Mccalls should probably get a new home if this is happening a lot. All of us should be thankful that we don’t live in an area like that where it is possible for such accidents to occur. Next time you look up to those people who live in mansions, remember the people whose houses have been destroyed so many times. Such homes include the one of the Mccalls, and also everyone’s homes who got destroyed during Hurricane Sandy.

-           Bilal Syed

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