Thursday, December 19, 2013

Despicable Me Prequel Coming Soon

Despicable Me Prequel Coming Soon
            In 2010 Despicable Me became the third biggest opening grossing for an animated film. The movie made a total of $543,010,705 worldwide. Its sequel, Despicable Me 2, was the next big thing when it came out in 2013. The sequel made a total of $918,557,955 worldwide. This was the most profitable film in the hundred year history of Universal Studios. It is obvious that this series is very popular and had nothing but good reviews. One thing that all Despicable Me fans adore is the minions. They are the protagonist’s main sidekicks that are absolutely hilarious. Where did these oval shaped cute little creatures come from? This question will be answered in the newest prequel to Despicable Me, known as The Minions. The release date was announced to be July 10th, 2015.
            This movie will consist of mostly minions, and the main character Gru will not participate. So far what we know from the movie is that it will show how the minions were created from yellow single celled organisms. They were existent since the beginning of time to serve the most ambitious evil villains as their only purpose. After all of their masters were destroyed, including Dracula and T. Rex, they decide to start a new life in Antarctica. By the 1960s, the minions become in a state of depression, due to their lack of masters. Kevin and two other minions set out on a journey to find a new one. Their adventures eventually lead them to a villain convention. They take interest in Scarlet Overkill, whose goal is to be the first female super villain, and to dominate the world. The whole movie will be about how they compete to become the henchmen for her.
            After seeing the first two movies, people can predict that The Minions is probably going to become a big hit. Despicable Me fans are probably going to be very excited to see how the minions came to be. A lot of people who watched the series liked it only because of the minions, so those people would love to watch this movie. Everyone will just hope for this movie to become a success.

-         Bilal Syed

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