Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tips for Freshmen

Tips for freshmen
Entering High School can be a fright. I have been there, and the first day was an absolute terror, however I survived the first day and many more. The first day of school is over, and so the first week so a round of applause to all freshmen.
 Some tips, I would like to give the freshmen is to be organized. If you have your agenda and your locker is neat, you will never be late to class or forget your homework. A big one is, do not procrastinate!! It can be hard to come home and do your homework, when you can watch TV or go on your computer. However, once you finish your work, you may feel so accomplished and watching TV can be your reward. You definitely don’t want to stay up late to do your work, when you can finish much earlier and also get free time. Use your agenda to help you balance out your clubs, sports, homework, projects and also free time, by writing down your after school schedule. In the school provided agenda, there is a section on the bottom with times after school, which is very useful if you are busy after school. Some clubs include: Red Cross, JSA, FBLA, Viking volunteers and many more. Joining clubs is a great way to interact with old friends and also make new friends. Also, don’t be scared of the upperclassmen, in fact many are very nice and helpful, as you will find out through peer leadership in gym. Each freshman gym class will have a pair of peer leaders who will help you out with school, and just anything in general. To add on, high school can be a huge jump from middle school, but it is definitely a wonderful time. And the last tip is to remember to have fun! 

Arshi Shah

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