Thursday, September 26, 2013

Iphone 5S vs Iphone 5C

Now that Apple has released two new IPhones, people are confused on what the difference is between IPhone 5s and IPhone 5c. Hopefully this will clear some things up.
IPhone 5S:
16GB - $199
32GB - $299
64GB - $399
            IPhone 5C:
                        16GB - $99
                        32GB - $199

IPhone 5S
IPhone 5C
IPhone 5
Dimensions (h*w*d)
3.95 ounces
4.65 ounces
3.95 ounces
Fingerprint Scanner
1. Silver
2. Space Grey
3. Gold
1. White
2. Pink
3. Yellow
4. Blue
5. Green
1. Black
2. White
M7 motion coprocessor
A6 Chip
A6 Chip

            The IPhone 5C seems to be a cheaper version of the IPhone 5S, making it easier to afford. The IPhone 5C is made more out of plastic than metal, unlike the 5S. Additionally, the IPhone 5S has a finger scanner security system built into its home button. This will make is much harder to for unwanted visitors to hack into your IPhone. Additionally, the IPhone 5C is larger than the 5S, and ways more. The performance of the IPhone 5 seems to be superior to that of the IPhone 5’s. In my opinion, the 5C is just a cheaper, worse quality phone designed to be affordable and available globally. Also, it’s use of plastic instead of metal makes it much cheaper for Apple to make, and Apple will most likely receive a greater profit on it. The decision to create and develop this new IPhone model was a win-win for both the producers and the consumers of Apple products.  All in all, Apple has really stepped up their game with the newest IPhone releases, and I can’t wait until Apple releases the IPad 5 and IPad Mini 2. Predictions for the two include retina display, and the new A7 64-bit chip. Apple continues to impress up with more and more innovative updates.

Review By: Allen F

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