Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bombing at Boston Marathon

Bombing at Boston Marathon

Since 1897, on every Patriot’s Day, a marathon is held in Boston, Massachusetts but this year an unexpected explosion has occurred. On Tuesday, April 16th, America faced a horrifying tragedy at a Boston marathon where several innocent spectators were wounded and three were killed. About 140 people were injured of which most lost their legs.

Two explosions happened at about 2:50 pm more than two hours after the first race had already started with nearly 27,000 runners crossing the finish line. While the suspect is still unknown, the police claim that the homemade bombs, containing small screws and nails, were inside backpacks and were placed inside local trash cans. The police also believed that pressure cookers could have been possibly used just like in previous bombings. Law enforcement official have said that the explosions have been classified as low which means that compared to the explosions that have occurred in the past, luckily this one was not as drastic. The police and FBI have come across a few suspects but are still searching for the person who has placed these bombs.

A witness named Marilyn Miller who was about 30 ft away from the first explosion and said "We saw injuries all around us." A little boy, his leg was torn up.” Based on her words you see how much chaos was happening and it was a depressing sight to see injuries everywhere. As well as witnesses there are many heroes, Tyler a firefighter who introduced himself as an army sergeant and an Afghanistan vet who saved the life of a student at Northeastern University of Boston named Victoria who suffered a lower leg wound.  Nobody had heard from Tyler yet and Victoria would like to thank him for saving her. Besides Tyler there are other mysterious heroes that participated in saving the lives of people.

This is a tragic event that will be always remembered in our hearts and we will always pray for those who lost their lives and their family members.

(editor's note:  This article was written before all the final data on those responsible was published)

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