Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Miley Cyrus Can’t Be Tamed Album Review

          Miley Cyrus’s last album release may have been in 2010 but, she has a new one coming out sometime this year. So that is why I am reviewing Miley Cyrus’s 2010 album release Can’t Be Tamed.
          Miley proved on her last record that she has defiantly matured a lot. The lead single “Can’t Be Tamed” proved that she wanted a more mature look with her style and with her appearance. But, overall the single was pretty good. Although the song didn’t exactly scream number one single it did do pretty well in the charts. Another song off the album that I would like to highlight is “Two More Lonely People”. This Song will defiantly make you want to get up and dance and is a great club song.
          Overall this album is really good. The songs are all mostly upbeat and not too explicit and the tempo of the album is great too. Another thing that was great about this album was the cover of the song “Every Rose Has It’s Thorne” by the rock band Poison. Her vocals on this cover were absolutely amazing and I think she deserves two thumbs up for it. Overall I would give this album four and half out of five stars and I think anybody who is looking for a good dance kind of album will love Miley’s third studio album.    

Nicholas Attanasio
10th grade

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