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Ayesha Sawnani The Greater Good (A story from the Incredibles Movie & the life of Fro-Zone)

Ayesha Sawnani The Greater Good
(Disclaimer, I do not own the rights to these characters, nor do I make any profit from this story)
FROZONE (Lucius)

[SETTING: In the middle of  The Incredibles movie, giant robots begin trampling down the road, shooting everything in sight. FROZONE looks outside the window of his penthouse, alarmed. He quickly rushes to his dresser, searching for his super suit. With no luck, he decides to ask HONEY.]
FROZONE: Where is my supersuit?
HONEY: I, uh, put it away!
[A helicopter crashes on the ground after being shot by a robot.]
HONEY: WHY do you need to know?
FROZONE: I need it! The city is in danger!
HONEY: My evening’s in danger!
FROZONE: (hotheaded, contrary to his name) You tell me where my suit is woman! This is for the greater good!
HONEY: Greater good? I am your WIFE! I am the greatest good you are going to get!
[FROZONE scoffs]
HONEY: (appalled) You don’t think so? What exactly is a  “greater good” to you anyways?
[FROZONE stops rummaging through his closet, confused as to why HONEY was not following the script.]
HONEY: Answer my question, Lucius.
[FROZONE, puzzled at first, plays along]
FROZONE: [groans] Honey, I do not have time for your games. But I shall go along just for now if you promise to give me my supersuit.
[FROZONE thinks for a couple seconds. Robots outside continue to shoot lasers. One almost hits the penthouse.]
FROZONE:  I would have to say that the greater good, in my opinion, would be something worth doing because it benefits others.
HONEY: So helping the city while it is in danger is beneficial to others?
FROZONE: *Sputters* But of course woman!
HONEY: (raises voice) And having dinner with your wife is not? Aren’t I being benefited by you having dinner with me for one night while you are out for the rest?
FROZONE: I guess you are.
HONEY: Then by your definition, aren’t I too, a “greater good”?
[FROZONE is speechless while another helicopter crashes.]
HONEY: Aren’t I being benefited by you spending time with me?
FROZONE: You are.
HONEY: Won’t the children be benefited by you staying home? Won’t they be excited to see you after you being gone for so long?
FROZONE: They will.
HONEY: So then, does that not make our family also a greater good?
[Police sirens are heard outside. FROZONE looks to his right at the window apprehensively.]
HONEY: “Greater good” does not always have to apply to society. Staying at home one day and looking after the kids while I go out to work - that can also be a greater good, can it not?
FROZONE: I guess so... But isn’t it beneficial to you and the kids as well if I am out saving the city?
HONEY: (confused) What do you mean?
FROZONE: Well, according to my definition, the “greater good” is something worth doing if it benefits others. So if I save the city, does that not provide you and the kids a safe place to live? One that is out of danger?
HONEY: You have a valid point, Lucius.
FROZONE: Therefore, isn’t me helping the city beneficial for the family?
HONEY: Yes Lucius, it is. But you must also dedicate time to your family!
FROZONE: Ah! But see, now the definition can be turned around! Now what if I say that staying with the family is not beneficial?
HONEY: What do you mean?
FROZONE: By staying home and having dinner with my family, while it may be beneficial to you and the kids, is it not selfish of me to stay home?
HONEY: It is, but-
FROZONE: So then, by the same definition, isn’t staying home, eating dinner with the family, also technically not a greater good?
[A large explosion occurs near the penthouse. FROZONE yelps and begins to look for his super suit again.]
HONEY: But why do you dedicate your entire life to saving the world?
FROZONE: (throwing clothes everywhere) Honey! This is my job! It is what I do!
HONEY: Isn’t a job a task or piece of work that you are supposed to do? Look at me when you speak Lucius!
FROZONE: (Stops, turns to HONEY, and sighs) Yes.
HONEY: Is tending after your kids, looking at our financial state, helping around the house, are these things not tasks that you have to do?
FROZONE: They are.
HONEY: So, therefore, being “Frozone” is not your only job, is it Lucius? Looking after the family is also your job, correct?
FROZONE: Yes, Honey.
HONEY: And to add on, aren’t jobs also a greater good? Isn’t what we do somehow beneficial to someone one way or another? Mr. Incredible’s job at office is beneficial to the country’s economy right?
FROZONE: I believe so
HONEY: You better darn believe so! Anything can be considered as a greater good because everything is worth doing since it helps others. There is nothing in this world that can be seen as a selfish act.
FROZONE: But at the same time, isn’t everything a selfish act? Isn’t there always a selfish reason to do things? If you decide to buy me something, that makes you selfish.
HONEY: (perplexed) How? I am giving you something, therefore it is benefitting you!
FROZONE: Yes, however, by buying me something that act makes you feel good about yourself. Therefore, it is selfish.
HONEY: You are right, I guess.
FROZONE: So then, Honey, while every activity is considered a greater good, these same activities also are not “greater good”, because in the end, there is a selfish reason for everything.
HONEY: Well if this is true… then your definition of a greater good is false. You said that it has to benefit others, but you never mentioned that it has to benefit yourself. You’re basically saying that everything, yet nothing falls under the category of  “greater good”.
[FROZONE stops to think for a minute.]
HONEY: Therefore, Lucius, if your definition of a greater good is incorrect, then you saving the city is not for the greater good. Rather, it is for yourself. Your selfish motive for helping the city is so that you can feel good about yourself for helping others. That is egocentric, right?
[FROZONE gets mad. Cries and screams of civilians can be heard from the penthouse.]
FROZONE: Honey, you have wasted enough of my time with your philosophical stance on some measly phrase. I must go now before our city turns into a disaster.

[FROZONE spots his super suit in the corner behind HONEY. FROZONE grabs the suit and leaves.]

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