Friday, November 16, 2018

A Midnight's Terror, story by Viresh Patel; part 2

All the carriages parked in front of the bridge leading to the castle. They were near the dark woods leading to the castle. The trees swayed back and forth when the wind hit them. Everyone got off and saw each other wearing beautiful, and fancy clothes. The ladies got together and discussed about the invitation and the men’s got together and discussed about the invitation.
“Are you invited for the party,” asked Amanda.
“Yea, I got a invitation from Chris that told us he was going to host a party tonight,” replied Lauren. The ladies then ended their conversation and went to talk with the mens.
“Do you think Chris invited us here to reunite after he disappeared for 6 years?” asked Ken.
“That’s the only way he planned this party,” replied Cam.
“The real question is, do you think Chris killed that women at his magic show?” asked Amanda.
“It’s seems like it,” replied Mark.
“Let’s just go in and see how this will turn out,” said Zoey. They all ended their conversation and went to the bridge. They started walking across the old, stone bridge. Lauren looked over the edge of the bridge. The bridge was over five thousand meters down. Underneath the bridge was an ocean where the rapid waters were smashing against each other on the sharp rocks. Lauren started to panic, so she took a deep breath and started walking bravely. Ying was walking casually, eager to see how the interior of the castle looked like. Everyone stopped when they reached the garden. When they opened the gate, they saw tons of flowers. Roses, lilies, lilacs, jasmines and many more. The garden was like a paradise to heaven. They walked through the magnificent garden and approached the front door. William then knocked on the door. In less than a minute, the doors automatically opened. Everyone was confused on how that happened. Some thought it was a work of a ghost and others thought it was just a surprise entrance. They all went in and saw the beautiful interior of the place.
The floor was made out of dark oak wood and was polished very well. They saw a beautiful chandelier hanging over their heads as they stepped in. On the right side was a living room with leather couches and chairs with a stone fireplace. In the middle of the living room was a rug with a rectangular table. On the left side was a kitchen with an island in the middle and a black refrigerator next to the sink. The floor of the kitchen was made out of stone marbles and the countertops was made out of ceramic. Near the refrigerator was an entrance that lead to the dining room. At the middle of the entrance way was stairs that lead to two different areas.
Everyone stopped moving when they saw a mysterious figure walking down the stairs. Once the figure approached the ground, it revealed itself. It was Chris.
“Welcome everyone, to Chris Tremaine’s overnight party,” said Chris. Everyone was in shock of seeing Chris in person.
“Come on guys, have a seat near the fireplace. Dinner is going to be served in a few minutes,” said Chris. The guest sat down and were served tea by a deer and 4 birds. The birds carried the teapot, while the deer carried the teacups using its antlers. Everyone was shocked, seeing the animals serving them.
“How did you make these animals serve you,” asked Zoey.
“I don’t know. One day, they automatically came to me and wanted to help around the castle,” replied Chris.
“This is a nice castle you have,” said Amanda. “How much did you buy it for.”
“Actually, I didn’t buy it. I found it.” replied Chris.
“What do you mean?” asked Alice.
“I was in the woods, wandering around until I found a golden string on the ground. I followed the string and found this castle.” said Chris.
“Oh, that’s why.” said Alice. Ding, Ding, Ding, as the bell rang.
“Sounds like the bell. Dinner is served,” said Chris. Everyone stood up and followed Chris to the dining room. They all walked past the kitchen and entered the dining room. As Ken walked past the cabinet, he saw words carved on the top. It said, 3 strikes and you’re out. Ken thought it was a baseball thing, so he moved along.

                         -7:00 Pm-

As they all walked in, they were amazed. The dining room was clean and very fancy. There was a gold chandelier hanging from the top of the ceiling with diamond crystals. The floor was made out of dark oak wood with a red carpet laid on top of it. The table almost covered the whole room with eleven chairs. The dishes and trays were prepared and set on the table, ready to eat. Everyone took a seat. As everyone settled in, Chris stood up.
“Thank you, everyone, for making it to my party. The feast may begin,” announced Chris. Everyone started to dig in. Alice was neat about how she eats, so she took a napkin and tucked it in her dress near her neck and began to eat. Mark devoured his food eager to eat. Everyone enjoyed the food as they ate and talked to each other. Suddenly, a knife came flying out of the kitchen and landed right next to William’s hand.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” screamed Lauren. She then fainted in her chair. William grabbed the knife next to him and threw it away.
“Who did that,” yelled William. “This better not be a prank.”
“Calm down William. It probably was one of the birds who accidently dropped it near your hand,” explained Chris.
“This is not the job of a bird. It has to be a ghost,” said William.
“There is no such things as ghosts. I won’t let this happen again,” said Chris. He then went to the kitchen and saw nothing but a clean kitchen.
“Take Lauren to the living room and let her recover”, said Chris. Cam and Zoey carried Lauren and laid her down on the sofa. Everyone got up and went to the living room. They talked to each other about what will happen next. They started to worry and panic. While they were talking, Lauren woke up.
“Was it real?” asked Lauren.
“Yes,” replied Catrine.
“Let’s all forget about what happened just now and move along,” said Chris.
“So what’s next?” asked Zoey.
“Let’s dance, so we could be relaxed,” said Chris. “To the Ballroom.” Everyone followed Chris to the ballroom. As Amanda followed the group, she saw a mirror on the wall. Suddenly, she saw a black shadow run in the mirror. She thought it was her mind playing tricks on her, so she moved along.

              -8:00 Pm-

When everyone entered the ballroom, they saw all the beautiful decorations. The ballroom was empty with polished dark oak wood. There was colored stained glass surrounding the room with pictures of greek gods. On the ceiling, a huge, golden, chandelier was hanging. There was also designs on the wall that were painted.
“Everyone, get with a partner,” said Chris. Chris turned on a romantic music to full volume. They all started looking around for a partner.
“Do you want to dance with me,” asked Ken to Cam.
“Sure,” replied Cam. They both held hands and started to dance. Ying was looking if all the girls were taken. Alice then came up to him and asked him if he wanted to dance. Ying then said yes and grabbed arms. They both started to dance from side to side.
    “I’m looking for a pretty lady,” said Mark in his head. “Someone who is my type.” Somewhere in the crowd, he found Amanda. So Mark asked Amanda if she wanted to dance. Amanda said yes and they both grabbed each other and started to dance. William was looking for someone that was his type. So he asked the girls, but they were taken. Behind Ken and Cam, he found Catrine. She looked like she had no one, so William asked her.
    “Would you like to dance with me,” asked William.
    “Sure, why not,” said Catrine. They both grabbed each other’s arm and moved forwards and backward, swaying from left to right. William held Catrine’s hand up in the air and Catrine twirled around. They both were having a fun time. Lauren and Zoey were searching for boys, but all of them were taken, so they decided to dance on their own and chat with each other. Everything was going great. People were dancing and some were chatting, but they all were having fun. Suddenly, an awkward noise came. It sounded like something was breaking. When they all looked up, they saw a chandelier coming straight down, at a very fast speed. Ken and Cam, jumped out of the way, landing on their stomach. William and Catrine ran away as fast as they could. Mark and Amanda grabbed Lauren’s and Zoey’s arm and pulled them towards them. Ying pushed Alice out of the way, along with himself. They all got out of the way, just in time before the chandelier touched the ground. It shattered into pieces making the glass and crystals fly towards the guests. Everyone covered their faces and body to avoid the shattered pieces. Everyone was ok, except for Amanda. She had a small piece of glass stuck to her arm. Blood was dripping out of her, so Chris got a napkin. First, he took out the glass piece and then wrapped it around her arm. Lauren then fainted. Alice and Cam, carried her to the living room. Everyone exited the ballroom and sat down in the living room.
    “What is going on,” asked Ken.
    “I don’t know,” replied Chris.
    “A chandelier nearly fell on us,” said William.
    “Maybe the screws were loose?” said Chris.
    “First the knife and now the chandelier. It looks like you invited us to a death party,” said Ying.
    “I didn’t invite you guys here to kill you. I invited you guys to meet up and have a fun time together,” said Chris.
    “If Chris is telling the truth, then I will trust him,” said Catrine.
    “Same,” said Zoey.
    “Ok then,” said William. “I trust you because you are my friend.”
    “I don't want anything to happen to you guys, so let’s end the party and go home,” said Chris. Everyone agreed. Lauren then woke up and asked what they were gonna do now. Ken explained to her that they were gonna end the party.
    “Ok then, let’s head out,” said Chris. Everyone got up and headed out the door. When everyone one exited the main door, Zoey was the last one to leave the main entrance. When she was just about to head out, she heard an evil woman laugh. The sound then disappeared. Zoey got a little bit scared, so she quickly exited the door.

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