Thursday, April 12, 2018

Avinash Paluri ---On Cell Phones

Over the past several years, cell phones have become a vital need in our daily lives. Although there are many reasons why; I will be focusing on the improvement of cellphones and the many unique quirks about each one.
Everyone has heard about the iPhone X and the new Face ID,  although it is unique and secure, it was not the first phone to have such ability. Many Android phones have a similar feature and although it might not be as secure, it comes at a cheaper starting price. For example, the iPhone X comes at a starting price of $999 but the One Plus 5t starts off at $499 its half the price of the iPhone X and you get its key feature which has made the iPhone X one of Apple’s most successful and innovative smartphones.
Although this feature has been out for a good amount of years, the fingerprint scanner is one thing everyone goes to for securing their phone. Almost all the newest phones include it and there is almost no difference between each one, the Vivo X20 Plus UD, has an on-screen fingerprint scanner. This is the first phone in the world that includes a fingerprint scanner which is embedded in the screen minimizing the bezels on the phone. It is still a fairly new concept so there may be a couple of glitches here and there but the fact that one company came out with it, there will be others trying to do the same to sell their products.
Lastly, one of the newest phones that came out this year has a camera which has similar technology used in many high-end digital cameras. The Samsung S9’s camera comes with an F1.5/F2.4 aperture which basically means that you can get high-quality shots in any lighting. This is helpful if you love going to new places and rely on your phone to take a quick snap of any place at any time. One of the most hyped up features of the S9 is the super slow-mo feature that records up to 960 frames per seconds. This may not be a “resourceful” feature, but who does not love slowing down time when catching an action-packed scene.
In the end, all the latest phones have features that separate them from the rest of the group. The future is bright in the smartphone industry as the possibilities are endless. Who knows, maybe there will be a phone that has a 3-D display? You can never know based on the technology that exists in this era.

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