Friday, March 23, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Movie Essay by Hazel M.

Avengers: Infinity War
It’s happening, everyone. The latest addition to the Marvel franchise is only 39 days away, and it’s going to be a big one. The trailer, which came out on Friday showed great promise of a major blockbuster that is going to take Marvel fans on an emotional rollercoaster. With more than 155 million views for the trailer, it seems as if the whole world is looking forward to being blown away. It took 18 movies, starting from the first Iron Man, which was released in 2008, to set up the platform for the Infinity War movie ten years later. The various end credit scenes sprinkled throughout the movies, giving viewers the tiniest taste of the main villain, Thanos, has kept people greedy for more. Every battle, every obstacle, ranging from Loki trying to take over the world in the first Avengers movie, to Peter Quill and his fellow guardians holding the power of the infinity stone together to defeat Ronan the Accuser. Every movie has been a stepping stone through a wild journey of unity, endless action, and sometimes even romance. Although, some viewers might not agree with all the “ships” the directors choose to bring together (cough cough Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter). Infinity War is the climax of a ten year journey, the summit of high mountain.

Looking back now, it’s crazy to see the insane journey that not only the viewers have been through but also the cast. Without them, the Marvel Universe wouldn’t exist, and for many of them such as Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, we probably won’t see them again after Avengers 4 due to contracts ending. However, all those details are still up in the air, so maybe these beloved actors will continue to play their iconic characters. Despite what happens in the future, it’s important to focus on the now. The ‘now’ consists of the most awaited film in years directed completely with IMAX cameras (the first Hollywood film to do so), and fan following so ecstatic to watch it that the pre-sale tickets have already started breaking records. Avengers: Infinity War is going to be one heck of a movie, and hopefully it lives up to all the hype, which let’s be honest, it’s Marvel so it obviously will.  

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