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DC Talk Martyrs- Book Review! Sophia Milla

DC Talk Martyrs- Book Review!
Sophia Milla

In multiple movies you’ve probably seen where a character dies for another person. Not only movies, but in books also. And why is that usually? Usually that sacrifice occurs due to the love that the person has for the other.

What is this book?

The book of Martyrs by DC Talk describes stories of different people or characters that have showed assertion and boldness in what they believe.

It truly inspired me when reading different testimonies of the bold sacrifices people have gone through because of what they love. In this book, they are giving themselves to God, the main person in each story.

The original book, which was written for adults has similar stories. The book of Martyrs written by DC Talk describes people our age making these sacrifices! Story to story describes the choices of people our age willingly bold for what they believe in.

Overall, it revolves around young people who give their lives for God, and the setting usually meets countries that are against the practice of Christianity.

My Opinion on the Book + Would I Recommend It?

I was really hit by the book, since the book allowed me to reflect on my own convictions!

I was really inspired also on how brave the characters and people were in the story. I think each character really set an example of courage, and many people love to read about people of courage as they go through tests.

If I were to recommend this book, I probably would not tell a random person to jump right into it. I feel like the book definitely has some intense stories that can freak some people out. When coming into the book you definitely need an open heart of understanding and at the same willing to reflect on yourself as a character and also reflect on how much you value things

Great book though! Definitely for somebody willing to be courageous. All the characters throughout the book show boldness and courage, but at the same time how they push themselves to not worry.

I haven’t finished the book, but through each page that I’ve flipped by is a different story of a bold person standing up for what they believe. And again, the stories really hit me and ask me about my own character! But definitely I would recommend it for a person looking to be bold, and for stories to inspire them.

Some Cool Moments!
            There are some incredibly interesting moments that occur while people refuse to give up who they believe in during the story.
            *”Lifted by the Fire”- One guy, instead of crying in fear of death, was very bold and fought through all the pain and torture methods thrown at him. At the end, after waking up from unconsciousness, he felt fire around him. However, he felt himself being lifted up from the fire miraculously. Though he was then stoned immediately after, the guy in the story refused to die. He is still alive and is living with friends.

            *A Song for the Lord”- Instead of crying in fear of death, the main character here was singing excitedly because he was able to die for something that he loved. With that, he kept singing until he died.

            *”Her Last Prayer” a 17-year old girl here was put to the gun with other members of her congregation. What was incredible though was that out of the members that were forced to either deny Jesus and live or to die, the girl was the only one that refused to deny Him. As a result she did die. However, it really shows how much she loves what she believes and she is so willing to give up for it.


These are just a few of the stories that have shook me! There are tons throughout the book, and definitely are just some examples of how amazing it is to be bold for the things you love and willing.

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