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Attack on Titan: Season 2 by Sophia Milla

Attack on Titan: Season 2 by Sophia Milla

            As teens flip through their televisions with boredom, anime shows generally are included in the list of shows they’ve passed. In fact, many teens may have caught quick snips of the anime Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama streaming on television just this April.
            After five years, the popular anime has finally released its second season. It has been noted as a show admired by multiple students due to the heated storyline.
            In a world surrounded by walls, humanity has to face the fear of being eaten by enormous creatures known as Titans. Many of these humans have never been outside the walls, while others have risked their lives leaving the walls to fight these Titans.
            The show is filled with suspense and action as the show includes intense conflict and violent deaths.
            First discovering the show while scrolling through television, my initial thoughts were that it would not be an engaging show. However, such plot and detail truly hooked me to continue watching the series. The author focuses on each small detail and drills holes to fill them with secrets. At the end, these secrets all combine to form the large picture.
            With that, the unique villains known as “Titans” was also something that engaged me into continuing to watch the show. Many action shows tend to contain a repetitive enemy, such as killers or zombies. I found it very unique that Attack on Titan used “Titans” as the enemies of humanity. The deaths and fights that take place through the show also have caught my attention, for such events naturally can pull people to watch more.
            Such action has allowed the anime to rise to fame among many students in America, for many teens are fans of such conflict. News of the second season being released struck multiple teens with excitement.
            The season’s final episode was released as the twelfth episode, which disappointed multiple fans of the show. However, the season exposed multiple questions laid in the first season, and multiple characters have slowly abandoned their background shadows to play a larger role.
            Since Season One, the characters and the fans have been dying to find out the root of Titan origin, for it has been unknown where Titans come from.
            The show revolves around 15-year old Eren Yeager, who is a young teenager determined to eradicate Titans. His determination truly sparked after encountering an intense loss caused by Titans.
            Though Eren seems like an ordinary citizen through the beginning of the show, his importance becomes more relevant as episodes pass, and continues to increase through the Second Season.
As Eren is definitely an important character, there are multiple figures that also slowly climb the ladder of importance through the season. The author and director of this series has illustrated a crafty transition for minor characters to unveil their importance.
When watching the anime, viewers may have took note of different characters,, including the  determined Reiner or the quiet Bertholdt. With them include Krista Lenz, who may seem to be just too selfless.
Though these characters simply play characters for flavor during the first season, Isayama rises their bars beyond their original appearances in the second season. In fact, these characters may even hold keys to unlock some of humanity’s secrets.
            Season Two takes a large step closer to revealing the truth about Titans, as the Survey Corps members finally uncover an idea of what may be inside the Titan. With that, it is concluded that there are multiple people that can even shift into a Titan. Season One reveals only two people who have done such an astonishing  act, but Season Two takes it even a higher notch.
            Throughout the season, conflict is created between humanity but filled with action. Such discoveries closing the Season allow fans to be fired up for Season Three, willing to see what more discoveries humanity will find.
            After watching the second season of this show, I felt excited to see various secrets open up and how parallel the show was to the actual book itself. Definitely the second season was filled with great quality illustration. What was disappointing to me, however, is how short it was. Waiting for five years for a second season only to find out that there are only twelve episodes is quite a bummer.
            The ending of the season made me excited due to the sizzling suspense that was released. As the characters discovered more secrets, it has lured me to be very eager for what more has to come. Definitely, it was an incredible series to watch.
            Though the truth is revealed deeper and deeper through the manga version, many fans would rather watch the anime instead of read the manga. However, even the manga has attracted the anime fans due to the intriguing plot.
            Many fans, including myself have definitely expected more from Season Two. The fact that it was very short was the most disappointing. Definitely if there was more to Season Two, I would be much more satisfied. However, I am not saying that it was a terrible season.
            The new characters introduced and the conflict that rose really interested me, and most likely other fans at well. Though I wished there was more in Season Two, the author probably has a good reason why there were only twelve episodes. Overall, the season definitely was great, although the major problem with enjoying it is the result of how short the season really was.
            Attack on Titan is definitely on my list to recommend if one is looking for a show filled with action. Most likely, the show will not fail to intrigue you.
            As Season Two has finally wrapped up, fans eagerly await for Season Three which is to be released next year

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