Wednesday, July 19, 2017

iOS 11 by Karthik Sankar

iOS 11
by Karthik Sankar

Almost every teen these days has a smart phone and the majority of them use a iPhone. It’s a tool that we use almost every day so it’s important to know what changes will be coming this September. Unless you are an Apple Developer, you’re likely on iOS 10. Developers can access an early beta of the new OS. The final version will be available when the iPhone 8 launches (with the public beta releasing at sometime between now and then). So here is everything you can expect to change with the new update:

  • New dock. Apple has been pushing the iPad Pro as a computer replacement extremely hard recently. Now you can swipe up, similar to the way you access control center, and get access to a mac-like dock. This dock will also let you create new floating multitasking windows. Obviously you can also launch apps using it.

  • File Browser. No one thought this day would come. Android as allowed users access to its file system since the very beginning and now Apple is starting realise they should too. In fairness, I lied. The day didn’t come. Apple’s file browser isn’t REALLY a file browser. Instead it lets you access documents from certain apps and access cloud storage (things like Google Drive, Onedrive and Dropbox). At least it’s a step in the right direction.

  • AirPlay 2. This will let you tell your iPhone which room you are in and use the appropriate speakers.

  • Revamped Control Center. Remember the good old days? Back in ios 9 when we had a one page control center? Everything was way simpler back then. Well, iOS 11 is bringing that back! Control center is now one page, and now has 3D touch (simple to force touch) integration for newer devices. (iPhone 6s and above) As if taking cues from the iPhone users who jailbreak, Apple is now letting you customize the buttons on the control center. Once again, a step in the right direction.

  • QR codes. Someone of us love them and the rest have never used them. Now the native iOS camera can read QR codes! This means you can delete that annoying third party app and now can scan QR codes directly from your phone. This is a feature that should have been introduced years back but, as seems to be the theme of the new OS, at least it's a step in the right direction.

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