Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How to write a blog by Karthik Sankar

How to write a blog by Karthik Sankar

            If you are like me, you love the internet and maybe you’re wondering how you could start a blog. You could be an aspiring writer. You might have great stories to tell. Whatever the reason, here is how:

  1. First, you need to choose a service. While it is possible to make a website from scratch, it’s very hard and the work won’t be worth the reward. (The following are services I have used before and have a free version)
    1. Blogger is a great service that was bought by Google in 2003. It’s been a while and Google seems to be neglecting it now. It’s a bit out of date but has great core features.
    2. Wordpress is another good service. They will give a modern look with many of the same features as Google.
    3. If the blog posts you will be writing make the old posts relevant then you should look into Google Sites. This is less neglected than blogger so it can have a modern look (if you design it right)

2.                  Now that you have chosen one, it’s time to choose a name. Assuming you want a free blog, you will have to use a subdomain ( or something like Choose something relatively short so it is easy to type and something memorable so people remember what to type. Try to avoid adding numbers to your name.

3.                  Write a blog post! Make sure all your posts are well written because you never know when a potential reader will find your blog.

4.                  Get the word out. Tell people you know about your new blog. If you did everything correctly, they will tell their friends and your blog will grow.  If you are extremely committed you may want to advertise your blog. This would only make sense if you are planning on making money off the blog. If you want to advertise your blog I would highly recommend using something like Google Adwords. Finally, make use you add some way for users to subscribe to new posts. Most people don’t like constantly checking a website for new content. A way for people to follow your blog will help you retain an audience.

5.                  Pat yourself on the back for all your hard work

Anyone can write a blog. What are you waiting for?

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