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“Top 10 Unique Books Every Young-Adult Should Read” by Vanditha Krishnan

“Top 10 Unique Books Every Young-Adult Should Read”
by Vanditha Krishnan

Everyone’s different, so everyone has a different genre of books they prefer to read. There are, however, books that are written exceptionally well that are not so famous. These books, in my opinion, are a must to read. Here’s a list of unique books from different genres:

1. The Book Thief- This novel, published in 2005, is written by the literary phenomenon Markus Zusak. When I first read this novel in 6th grade, it completely changed the way I perceived World War II. The Book Thief is an interesting genre; it’s historical fiction told from the point of view of a nonmaterial narrator, Death.

2. The Perks of Being A Wallflower- Stephen Chbosky is the author of this masterpiece. When most people think of popular young-adult fiction, they think of The Fault In Our Stars and other novels by John Green. The Perks of Being A Wallflower, in its epistolary form, truly opened my eyes to reflect on many issues, such as abuse, abstinence, and PTSD.

3. To Kill A Mockingbird- Old, I know, but good? It’s WAY more than good. Harper Lee’s novel is crisp and clear, and contains all the elements of an excellent story. There’s action, history, adventure, and a bit of childish romance, but when all put together, you get one of the best novels ever written.

4. My Sister’s Keeper- This realistic fiction novel for young adults is enticing; it’s about a girl, Anna, who was conceived through in vitro fertilization for the sole purpose of being a savior sister. In other words, she was born just so that she could constantly donate her compatible blood, organs, and tissue to help her older sister who has leukemia. Anna decides to sue her parents for medical emancipation, and the rights to her own body. My Sister’s Keeper is a haunting tale that young adults must read at some point.

5. Symptoms of Being Human- By Jeff Garvin, this is one of my favorite novels that I’ve ever read. It’s about Riley Cavanaugh, a 14-year-old who is gender fluid. He identifies as a boy, but some days, a girl. Riley must overcome the media shining over his congressman father and his family, and choose if he must stay unknown, or stand up and risk everything.

6. The Diary of A Young Girl- This autobiography of Anne Frank is poignantly beautiful, and the stellar descriptions of Frank’s life during World War II is sure to touch everyone’s hearts. Young adults around the world will love Frank’s tale.

7. Wonder- R.J. Palacio’s novel is meant for tweens and kids between the ages of nine and twelve.  That doesn’t mean that it should stop you from not reading it -- in fact, many of Wonder’s book reviews on Goodreads are written by adults! This novel will bring out your tears of joy and happiness, and will please anyone.

8. Twilight- Written by Stephenie Meyer, this book is one of the most challenged novels of all time due to its explicit scenes and plot. There are four books to this young-adult vampire-romance series; I’ve heard that they’re all pretty bad. However, the first book is uniquely crafted and most young adults should read it just because it constantly makes the ‘Goodreads Best Books Of All Time’ list.

9. The Outsiders- S.E. Hinton’s classic is infamous for establishing a society where there are ‘The Greasers’ and ‘The Socials,’ commonly abbreviated ‘Socs.’ The Outsiders, like many of the novels on this list, involves an exceptional plot and even better characters. I enjoyed every Greaser, and together, the novel was enhanced beautifully. Many young adults will enjoy this book.

10. Divergent/The Hunger Games Series- If you still haven’t read these series’ yet, don’t worry. Pick up one of these at SBPL, or find the eBook and begin reading. Veronica Roth and Suzanne Collins, authors of the respective novels, have you in for a treat!

These books are out-of-the-world extraordinary and I believe that every young-adult should have read them. All of these novels are at the South Brunswick Public Library, and the sooner you get them, the better!

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