Thursday, April 6, 2017

Is Apple Going Down Hill with the iPhone 7? by Karthik Sankar

Is Apple Going Down Hill with the iPhone 7?
As a proud Apple fanboy, it pains me to suggest this, but Apple may be becoming a horrible company. Let's start out with the basics:
  1. Apple only cares about money.
  • iPhones don't have expandable storage. Why? So they can charge you extra upfront and charge you for the iCloud storage.
  • Apple got rid of the headphone jack. Why? So they can capitalize on the adapters you'll have to buy and collect royalties from companies who want to use lightning headphones.
  • Apple only put a dual camera system in the iPhone 7 plus. Why? So they can charge you more for the plus model.

2.                  Apple is constantly trying to get you to buy a new phone
  • Notifications continuously pop up prompting you to update. Why? So that the added feature will slow down your phone and force you to buy a new one.
  • New software updates don’t work with older devices. Why? So that you have to buy a new phone to use the new features.

3.                  Apple gave up on the iPhone
  • Name the most exciting thing about the new phone. I’ll wait… Still waiting… Exactly!
  • With every new iPhone apple usually introduces something ground breaking.
  • With the iphone 5: It was a taller phone.
  • With the iphone 5s: It introduced touch id.
  • With the iphone 6: It made the screen even bigger.
  • With the iphone 6s: It added 3D (force) touch.
  • With the iphone 7: It has new shades of black? It has a home button that vibrates?
  • The 7 just doesn’t seem as exciting as the past iPhone launches. It’s almost as if Apple ran out of ideas.

In conclusion:

I really dislike the iPhone 7. I don’t think it introduces any groundbreaking features and makes the iphone a worse product. I hope Apple learns from this and gives up an amazing iPhone 7s/8/10/X/Pro!

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