Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Movie Review for Nerve By Rav Kaur

Movie Review for Nerve
By Rav Kaur

            Looking for a thrill, some fun, and an exciting adventure, that will keep you on your toes? Then Nerve is the movie for you!
            Vee is a girl in high school who is very careful and has a dream to go to an expensive art school for college. Her friend Sydney tells her about a 24 hour game called Nerve, and then taunts her for not being a risk-taker. Vee, enraged, goes and joins Nerve as a player. In this game, she gets dares that she completes for money, the cash prize getting bigger as the dares get wilder. These dares must be filmed on the players cellphone, and be completed in a certain time limit. People all over the city are competing to get into the final round, where 2 players face off against each other. Watchers determine the dares, and the players with the most watchers advance to the final. There is another rule, and it is that the authorities cannot be alerted about this game. Vee starts playing, and meets player Ian on her first dare. The watchers seem to like seeing them together, and make dares that involve the two of them and keep escalating. Meanwhile, Sydney fills up with an intense jealousy, as Vee now has more watchers than her, and she believed that Vee would be too scared to even play the game.
However, after one dare goes too crazy, Vee tells the police and they don’t believe her. As a punishment for telling the authorities, she gets kidnapped and becomes a prisoner of the game. Now, the only way out is to win the game, or else her and her family’s life will be controlled by this game. Ian turns out to be a prisoner of the game as well, but he is willing to sacrifice himself for Vee. He gets into the final round so that he can purposely lose and Vee can have her life back. Meanwhile, Vee’s friend races to shut down the game with his hacker friends. However, something goes awry when guns are revealed to be a part of the final round, and a rival player shows up to thwart Ian’s plans. With a gun pointed at Vee, and at the risk of losing the game, what will happen? Will Vee manage to get out of the game with Ian, and will her friend shut the game down? Or will there be a murder, and will the game continue on? Find out when you watch Nerve.  

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