Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review By: Sejal Shirshikar Tell Me Three Things By: Julie Buxbaum

Book Review- Tell Me Three Things
By: Julie Buxbaum

What if the person you needed the most is someone you’ve never met?

            It has been two years since Jessie’s mother has died, and she has been forced to move across the country to live with her step mother and her conceited son. She just moved to Los Angeles and started junior year at a prep school, Wood Valley High School. It’s hard to fit in and make friends, especially because her best friend is back in Chicago. If this seems bad, her family at home is also messed up, her parents are always working, and her step-brother doesn’t even talk to her. In the first week of school, she gets an anonymous email from someone calling themselves “SN” (Somebody/Nobody). Jessie starts relying on SN to guide her and know more about school. Somebody/Nobody tells her who to be friends with and they start learning more about each other. As messages get sent back and forth, they get closer, and Jessie gets more desperate to meet Somebody/Nobody in person. But aren’t some things better left unsaid?

My Thoughts-
          I thought this was a very interesting book, there are many things that I related to. Considering she walks into a high school with different people, it reminded me of when I first entered high school freshman year. I feel like it has a mysterious effect and it is a great book if you like books about high school and fitting in. The book has to do a lot about fitting in when you are new to a school and do not know anything about it. I thought it was an original story with a different plot than a typical book about high school. The texts between SN and Jessie quirky and funny, which made it really entertaining to read.

In The End-
It was a really good contemporary book, and I enjoyed reading it. I would rate it 4/5 stars.

Review By: Sejal Shirshikar

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