Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Spirit Animals series review by Sukanya Puthur

            Have any of you read the Spirit Animals series?  They are very light reads, but they are written very well.  The story extends over seven books, each one written by a different author.  The series is the product of the collaboration of a group of talented writers, making for an interesting, engaging plot.  The series is set in Erdas, a land where every child, once he or she reaches the age of their bonding ceremony, drinks the sacred Nectar of Ninani.  On rare occasion, drinking this substance will gift the child with a spirit animal.  A spirit animal is a lifetime companion whose soul bonds with that of their human counterpart.  The story revolves around four extraordinary kids, who have been gifted with reincarnations of the Four Fallen.  They are four of the Great Beasts, who are celestial animal beings that guard the many realms of Erdas.  It has never before occurred that someone bonds with a Great Beast, and these children are quickly hunted by the deadly Conquerors.  In a world filled with spirit animals, secrets, lies, deception, and death, these four children and their spirit animals will have to learn to work as a team, bond with their spirit animals, differentiate between friend and foe, and ultimately, save all of Erdas.  Can they do it?  To find out, read Spirit Animals Book One: Wild Born (by Brandon Mull), available at the South Brunswick Public Library.

Sukanya Puthur

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