Thursday, July 14, 2016

Riya Sen's review of Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsela

Over the summer, I decided to catch up on all the books people have recommended to me but I never really got to. Among that list was “Finding Audrey,” by Sophie Kinsella. At first I thought it was going to be another one of those repetative books about people with a disability and their inspiring recovery. Don’t get me wrong, those books are great, but I was looking for one that would rise above the rest. So far, this summer, my unrivaled favorite read has been “Finding Audrey.” This book’s lead hooked me and wouldn’t let me free. I read the whole book in one day because I couldn’t stop reading. It starts with Audrey complaining about her insane mom and gives us a vivid image of her mom holding her brother Frank’s computer out the window, threatening to drop it, as neighbors congregate. Strangely, Audrey is only mentioned in two, short and vague paragraphs in the entire first chapter. But in fact, that is what keeps Audrey comfortable. She would rather crouch in the corner of her darkened room with her sunglasses than be somewhere like Starbucks with *shudder shudder* people. A scarring encounter with bullying left fourteen year-old Audrey with an ainxiety disorder, and her life was never the same. Her family and Dr. Sarah are trying their best to help her improve. By the nature of her disorder progress would vary. Up and down, slow and fast. A jagged graph. Audrey doesn’t want that, she wants a smooth line towards recovery. She is tired of making progress and then going backwards. Luckily, Linus, her brother’s gaming friend, Starbucks, and a video recorder walk into her life and after that she has no problem making a nice straight graph. Although fictional, it was believable,heart wrenching and tear provoking. I am now adding this book to your recommended list, and hopefully you will add it to someone else’s!

Riya Sen

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