Friday, April 22, 2016

Chandu Singathi: What Animal Do I Resemble?

Chandu Singathi

What Animal Do I Resemble?

Often times in my life, especially throughout the duration of the school year, I tend to procrastinate and put my tasks off until the last possible minute. Basically, I run away from my problems, or at least try to, which is similar to how a bunny runs away from any possible dangers that get in its way. I frighten easily, but I am still strong, and I like to be stress-free and calm as often as possible. Like a bunny, I enjoy wandering my backyard when the weather is warm, roaming aimlessly and freely with my loving companions. Additionally, I adore food, and even if I refrain from actually consuming it, I love viewing multiple delicacies at once. Similar to a bunny, I have a good memory and remember my emotions during several happy or scary moments in my life. Since I make tons of mistakes, I tend to learn a lot every day while maintaining some privacy and time to myself, just like a bunny. Overall, I feel that I resemble a bunny because I am sensitive yet strong, cautious yet carefree, and since I try to enjoy myself every day.

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