Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Riya Sen: a note about her Girl Scout project

My name is Riya Sen, and I am a Girl Scout Cadette. Since last summer (2015), I have been working on my Silver Award Take Action Project. A Silver Award Project is a community service project where girl scouts work towards improving their community by focusing on an issue that they care about. The Silver Award is the highest award that a Cadette can earn. It takes lot of commitment and hard work to “make the world a better place.” Not all Girl Scout Cadettes earn a Silver Award, but the ones who do, create a sustainable impression on their local communities. 
My project entails "promoting the South Brunswick Public Library’s underused resources and programs", as well as "encouraging more residents to get library cards". As a teen student, I can relate to this issue and wanted to increase readership. You may have seen me at various events like National Night Out, the Brooks Crossing PTO Carnival, the Holiday Open House in the library, and more around South Brunswick. At those events, I was distributing flyers and spreading the word to hundreds of people about library cards and resources. Our entire community can benefit from the vast number of resources that the township library offers both at the library and also electronically. Over the course of my project, I learnt a lot, gained many skills like confidence, leadership, project management, and time organization. My project took approximately fifty hours to complete, and I really enjoyed doing it, with hope that I made an impact by increasing awareness. Special thanks to my project mentor Ms. Saleena Davidson, and my troop leader/ project advisor, Mrs. Baseemah Bashir, who both guided me through my project.
Maybe my project will inspire you to do something in your community and even take it further! Whether you are a Girl Scout or not, you may even want to continue my effort in the years to come! (feel free to contact me) Thank you for reading this and I hope it will spark an idea for you to look around and put your thought into action. 

Plus, don’t forget to go to your local library and check out all those resources that you never knew about! Remember, your “guide to discovery” is right here in South Brunswick! The library is a great ocean of knowledge, so please visit soon and explore!

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