Thursday, February 18, 2016

Super Bowl in Review Joshua Liao

Super Bowl in Review
Joshua Liao
For the 50th Super Bowl, the NFL went all out with just about everything related to the game by bringing in four of the world’s most famous entertainers for pregame and halftime show festivities. Everything about the game was perfect, except for the game itself. Now many have said that they thought the game was boring but I just think that we’ve been spoiled by last year’s game which ranks among one of the great super bowls of all time. This year was all about defense (something that we rarely see in Super Bowls) and the Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning in what might be the final game of his career. Peyton Manning came into the game one victory shy of 200, tied for the all-time record for the most victories in NFL history. After a year where he struggled severely with injuries as his aging body broke down, it was miracle that the Broncos even made it to the Super Bowl in the first place. That miracle was the Broncos defense. On the back of a defense that contained at least 5 All-Pro caliber players, the Broncos pulled out improbably upsets and victories alike. In the Super Bowl, this Broncos defense faced NFL’s MVP Cam Newton who is well on his way to changing the future of pro football. He shocked the league this season with his extraordinary style of play, leading his team the Panthers to the NFL’s best record. The only thing left was for him to take the Super Bowl trophy home. The Broncos defense had other plans. Early in the first quarter, Von Miller, one of the Broncos’ all-pros ripped the football out of Newton’s hands. The ball tumbled into the end zone where the Broncos recovered for the first touchdown of the game. Later in the game, with the Panthers attempting a game winning drive, Miller came back and did the same thing. This time, the ball stayed on the ground instead of rolling away. Newton had a chance to fall on it and keep possession for his team, but he infamously pulled up. The Broncos would recover the ball and soon scored, dashing any chance of a Panther’s comeback.

For a person well educated in football, the game was not boring at all. Both teams played with a viciousness that was unparalled to any other game this past season. The Panthers are known for their vicious style of play, yet the Broncos not only matched them, but also outfought them. For me, I was shocked to see the invincible of the league go down by playing a team that matched their strengths perfectly. Manning played well enough to keep his team ahead, and the defense rightfully finished the job in a season that they dominated. 

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