Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Miss Telall Nov 6 edition

Hello loyal SBPL readers, it’s your favorite advice columnist- Miss Telall, with two more entries. If you’re having issues or just want to talk, she’s always up to offer advice, so be sure to email her at, and check the SPBL blog for a reply addressing your problem. All entries are always ANONYMOUS, and no problem is too big or too embarrassing for Miss Telall to tackle!

Dear Miss Telall,

      Gym class. The words strike fear in even the most well-adjusted of students. Unless you’re physically fit, this is 88 minutes of torture. I always spend the period trying to hide my pouring sweat, hoping I won’t miss the ball, and praying we won’t be forced outside in either the freezing cold, or the sweltering humidity. How do I learn to enjoy gym??

Pit Stains and Gym Pains
Dear Pit Stains and Gym Pains,

       Ah, the eternal struggle- gym class is notoriously tough for the majority of students- so don’t ever feel self-conscious if you’re feeling uncomfortable! We’re all learning to deal with some of the same emotions. So, to address your points one by one:

The Sweat: Stains, as a fellow bucket-sweater, let me just tell you: at some point, it becomes tiring to be constantly worried about being judged for bodily functions you can’t control. Don’t let worry over what other people might think make you feel bad! Everyone sweats! Now, if the sweating and damp clothes starts making you feel uncomfortable, try investing in some moisture wicking clothing. Clothes designed to keep you dry, as well as darker shades and looser fits will keep you feeling cool and comfortable!

The Skills: Not everyone is talented at sports. Let me repeat- you are not alone. No one expects you to be a sports superstar! Focus on improving yourself for yourself and trying your hardest. Honestly, letting go of performance fears will make gym much more enjoyable. And, when you’re not constantly stressing, you will see some real progression in skill set!
The Weather: The weather isn’t something anyone can control- staff or otherwise. So just move around a bit more and bundle up in cold weather, and take it easier in cool clothing during hot weather. Always- this from a veteran gym-er- keep water, jackets, and shorts in your locker. Check the weather so you’re always prepared! And NEVER hesitate to tell a teacher if you feel sick.

      Overall, just try to remember that everyone’s in the same boat! Don’t worry about how other people might judge you, and just focus on the best effort you can give to stay healthy- that’s the main goal of school gym. Have fun!

                                  Miss Telall
Dear Miss Telall,

     All of my teachers, friends, and relatives are asking me continuously what careers I’m interested in, as I’m struggling to make an adequate decision. I’m not even sure what subjects I enjoy really. However, I’ve always had an interest in science- particularly physics- and have recently become very interested in psychology. Do you have any ideas about what career path I should choose, and where I can find out about different careers? By the way, I’m a senior in high school.
                                Career Confused
Dear Career Confused,

        First off, don’t let all the questions about careers and interests result in a panicked state. Most people are just trying to ask you what you’re interested in. If you’re really struggling about making a final decision, consider the activities which you’re a part of and what classes you’ve taken. Make a choice to learn about the career through the courses you’ve taken, especially the fields which you are interested in. Additionally, you can reach out to people, like your guidance counselor, teachers, and parents. You can even seek out people in the fields that interest you. Ask questions to professionals within psychology and physics such as what they love about their work, what they don’t like so much, and about their life/career balance.
         Explore the idea of what your life would be like within these different careers- really visualize it. Don’t be afraid to change your mind, as you are allowed to adjust your course, and start over at anytime. And while you’re at it, be sure to ask more than one person for advice. Be prepared to think critically about the advice they give you. Additionally, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. What are you truly good at? Explore career opportunities within these fields.
        And that’s a wrap! Miss Telall would love to hear from you some more, so be sure to ask us questions!
                                 Miss Telall

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