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Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy in the Winter Samhitha Balaji

Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy in the Winter
Samhitha Balaji

As the winter approaches, many of us begin to stop going out for morning runs and start staying in to watch the holiday specials. Even though staying indoors and eating is a great way to spend the holidays, it is good to keep up your exercise habits. During the summer, we have a balance between exercise and eating but as winter comes around, our eating tends to overtake our exercise. In the winter, your body adjusts to store more fat in order to keep warm. In order to balance your body, we can use these tips to stay healthy while still enjoying the fun of the holidays:
  • Doing simple exercises daily can simply lower the amount of fat your body stores for the winter.
  • Opt for more comfortable well fitted clothing, rather then sweatshirts, to see the difference in your body as you exercise. Also baggy clothing leads to laziness and plenty of time to be a couch potato
  • Your carb craving increases in winter for more fat for your body to store. For breakfast and lunch, eat some healthy carb options like oatmeal, vegetables, protein, and dairy. Between lunch and dinner, go for low-carb foods, like crackers, popcorn, even cereal, as a snack. For dinner, go for pasta, or potatoes something with lower carbs but a good amount of protein.
  • Winter outfit: Inner Layer: a long sleeve or thin sweater; Middle Layer: a sweater or sweatshirt of some sort; Outer Layer: raincoat or heavy jacket ~ these will keep the heat trapped and, depending on the temperature, you can peel off or add on layers
  • Too comfortable? Stay inside with the heat, but don’t even sit on the couch until you’ve completed the workout-- Sit ups, push ups, crunches, squats: simple exercises to keep yourself busy -- You can even do these while a commercial is going on during your show
  • Too dark means too tired to get up... Sleep an hour early; this will allow you to get your long sleep but still have an AM workout routine
  • Too wet? After a run remove the shoelaces and liners to make them dry quickly, but don’t keep them too close to a radiator (it will destroy the base of the shoe); you can also buy waterproof spray to prevent less damage to your shoes while running

All of these little things factor into staying fit for the holidays. Along with enjoying the winter delicacies, these tips will keep your winter healthy and strong. When springs around, you won’t have to start losing weight but, you will already be ready to go out! Just remember: Spring and summer aren’t that far away and so, staying healthy in the winter is a year-round good thing. :)

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