Friday, August 7, 2015

Dandelion by Ananya Swaminathan


Puffy white spheres sit amid blades of grass
Bending and swaying in a fickle breeze
Parachutes tugged by the wind pull away
And float against the bold, blue sky
A giggling child with mischievous eyes
Pulls her hand out of her mother’s
And runs towards the field of white puffs
She stops, bends down, and plucks one
Grasping the stem between her tiny fingers
She blows gently, making a few seeds
Take flight but noticing that not all have left,
She twirls, still holding the stem until
Inverted umbrellas fill the air
And are carried away by the gentle breeze
She then drops the drooping head
And skips back to her amused mother
Her laughter
f   a    D    I    N    G

into a whisper

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