Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Book review of Heart of a Champion By Carl Dueker By Tej Ramaiah

Book review of Heart of a Champion By Carl Dueker By Tej Ramaiah

After Seth Barham’s father died of a stroke, he felt lost. He was just wandering around one day at the school, and that’s where he met Jimmy Winter. Jimmy was practicing baseball with his dad. Seth never really liked baseball- he thought nothing ever happened. But the way Jimmy played, it made Seth see baseball in a whole new way. The way he smoothly glided over ground balls, his speed when running to fly balls, and how he simply caught the ball vastly impressed Seth. But what stood out to Seth the most was the passion Jimmy played with, how he did everything again and again until he got it right. Then when Jimmy saw Seth, he said the words that changed both of their lives forever- “I got an extra glove. You want to play?” Soon Seth was practicing with Jimmy every weekend, and they became best friends.

As a baseball player, I really liked this book because I could relate to it. But it is a lot more than just baseball. This book is about the adventures they go through, and how there are always ups and downs in life. But most importantly, it’s about friendship, loyalty, and about truly having the heart of a champion.

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