Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jurassic World Movie Review by Joshua Liao

Jurassic World Movie Review

                Jurassic World, the 4th installment of the Jurassic Park film series, has become one of 2015’s most popular action movies. It broke numerous box office records and some speculate that it has a shot to get up to as high as third on the all-time highest grossing movie list, behind the untouchable Avatar and the Titanic. After watching the movie this weekend, I can see why. The movie was beautifully made, with breathtaking scenery. The plot was engaging and exciting. Two separate storylines are going on throughout the movie with a pair of teenage boys exploring Jurassic World oblivious to the problems that are going across the park until the problem reaches them. Their Aunt Claire happens to be the head director of the park and she works with dinosaur specialist Owen Grady to solve the problem. The problem happens to be that a genetically created dinosaur named the Indonimous has escaped from its enclosure. After living its entire lift in captivity, the dinosaur is now destroying everything in its path, from other dinosaurs to tourists. As a mass evacuation takes place off the island, Owen and Claire work to destroy the dinosaur in addition to trying to save Claire’s nephews. The entire movie kept me on the edge of my seat, because once the Indonimous got out, all the characters began running for their lives. They manage escape after escape by ingenious methods that will never work twice on the ultra-smart dinosaur. However, the ending was a bit strange and confusing. It of course lived up to the massive clash and heroicness that one would expect, but the combat becomes very confusing. Nevertheless, I recommend that kids and adults of all ages should watch the movie. It totally is worth the money and experience.

by Joshua Liao

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