Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Poet's Prison by Ananya S.

Poet’s Prison

I will trap you in the palm of my hand,
Hold you and never let go no matter
How much you scream and plead
To be released from the prison I build
Just for you, my beautiful, precious thing
Every day, I will behold your pretty face
And your eyes that shine like diamonds
I will hold your soft delicate hands in my own
And grip them firmly lest you should pull
Away from me, like you always do
And forever will you be mine

But what’s this? Cruel irony!
You I possess in body and mind
Yet in heart and soul you do not
Belong to me and your spirit, your
Indomitable spirit has escaped these
Iron walls and barred windows as if they
Were nothing more than air and dust
So I confine you to a page in my journal
Capturing every detail and memory as you leave
With words, preserving but an echo
Whilst outside this cage, you roam free

~Ananya S

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