Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Break by Joshua Liao

Spring Break- What Really Happens
The Beginning
                The possibilities are limitless. It’s as if I have the whole world in front of me. Spring Break! Even if there’s only 9 days to this all too short break, I feel excited. Given a whole week and an extra weekend, what would one do with their time? I know this is the perfect opportunity to play video games, hang out with friends, and watch a bunch of movies on Netflix. Homework, after taking a priority for the past 2 months, can TAB (take a break) out. March madness is on and I’ll continue to watch what’s left of my brackets get busted up. This is the time to recharge my batteries, get enough sleep, and enjoy the last major break before summer. I write both a mental and physical note for myself to get started on that essay, but who are you kidding? 
The End
                My brain is fried. Too many video games, too many movies. Break is over. It’s Sunday night and school begins tomorrow. I almost feel sick to my stomach from all the junk food I consumed on the couch watching other people play sports and move around. I sort of wish I did spend a bit of time on that essay. Oh well. I’ll have to cram it in Monday night. Now I have to worry about getting my spring break assignment, which I completely forgot, about done. I promise myself that I won’t procrastinate next time, but all the way in the back corner of my mind, I know that I would do it over again.  


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