Thursday, April 9, 2015

A poem by Chandu Singathi

What is a Middle Schooler?” (haikus)

middle school students
clumsy, awkward, and silly
opaque yet so clear

some are serious
some constantly joke around
some think they don’t care

builds up continuously
deep inside of one

gossip and rumors
move faster than a sports car
someone might get hit

mixed feelings disturb
hormones interrupt their days
changing emotions

some days bring laughter
other days they want to cry
mood swings are frightening

working hard is hard
but one day it will pay off
try to be the best

academic stress
tries to eat up their big brains
but happiness rules

everything’s funny
jokes are added to the pile
joyful memories

middle school is strange
but there’s more I have to say
don’t be judgmental

Chandu Singathi

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