Thursday, March 12, 2015

Miss Tellall questions for week of 3/9/15

It’s been a long time, but South Brunswick Public Library’s very own advice columnist- Miss Telall- is finally back! She has two new entries, and is once again, ready to tackle any problems which are thrown at her! If you’re having any difficulties, be sure to email her at, and check the SBPL blog to see if your question has gotten a response. Remember, all entries are ANONYMOUS, as always!

Dear Miss Tellall,
I really want to get ombre hair. I think it’ll look amazing on me, and my friends agree. However, my parents do not tolerate this idea- they are worried that I may not like the way my hair looks after the process, and demand to have it reverted back to normal. How do I convince them to let me get the hair I want?
      Luscious Locks
Dear Luscious Locks,
         Obviously, before you get your hair dyed, you want to do your research about it. Decide exactly which colors you’d like to dye your hair and figure out which products you’re going to use. Educate yourself about the dangers of hair dye, and follow the instructions on the bottle at all times! Alternatively, you could choose to go to the salon. Try selecting a natural color, even a lighter or darker shade of your natural hair color. For instance, if you have dark brown hair, you might want to consider dirty blonde as your dye color. If you really want to go for a “wild” look, consider for streaks in your desired color. Wait a while to get your whole hair dyed that color. To convince your parents, you’ve really got to know them. What makes them happy? It’s not just a matter of being responsible, go the whole nine yards. Do your chores without being reminded, help your siblings with their homework, and prioritize getting good grades. If you show your parents that you’re giving it your all and are a mature teenager, they will most likely not hesitate to give you the things you want. Finally, ask your parents if you can dye your hair. Tell them exactly what you are going to do to your hair, and why. Tell them the dye is not permanent, and will wash out little by little. If you want to completely change your hairstyle as well, tell them exactly how you’ll cut it. Remember, honesty is the best policy! Take responsibility, and acknowledge the fact that you are ready to do this, even if it doesn’t turn out the way you expected it. Bring up the fact that you’d rather learn your lesson and suffer the consequences than not dye your hair at all. Talk like an adult; don’t whine or raise your voice easily. Decide your persuasion techniques ahead of time. Additionally, you could offer to pay for the cost of the dyes or the trip to the salon. It shows your parents that you’re committed and responsible, and it helps your case that the money isn’t coming entirely out of their wallet.

And that’s a wrap! Be sure to keep up with Miss Telall for more advice, and if you’re having an issue, share it with this columnist to receive the *perfect* solution.
~Miss Telall
Dear Miss Telall,
        This is really getting on my nerves. I have been dealing with my overly attached boyfriend for three WEEKS. The constant messaging, calling, and jealously exclusive hang-outs distracts me from school, family, friends. It’s dragging me from all the things I care about- the messaging, I mean. I really like my boyfriend, but I don’t want to have to sacrifice all the other things that make me happy, just to assure him I still like him. Should I break up with him? How do I get out of this situation without losing a good friend?
                           High School Heart
Dear High School Heart,
    In a relationship, each party should make sure they respect the other’s goals in life! Any relationship where a partner starts to pull you from other things you care about is not currently healthy. Talk to your boyfriend, and explain your stress. Make sure you deal with the situation without accusing him, or looking upon your time together as troublesome. If your boyfriend can’t respect your wish for a less restrictive relationship, than no one person is worth changing yourself entirely for. Just remember to highlight your care for one another- no love is lost if you have each other’s best interests at heart. Your goal when facing the issue together should be to coordinate times to have privately to yourselves, as well as to spend with friends and family. Maybe you should try to introduce him to your group of friends, so that the two of you can enjoy time in other peoples’ company together. On the other hand, you could attend some kinds of extracurriculars (we have a rather large selection at SBPL!) to spend with each other. Remember, overall, always remain true to what you want, and don’t give up your happiness for anyone else’s convenience.
      Be sure to understand what each of you wants from this relationship- compromise is key!
                                ~ Miss Telall

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