Thursday, March 12, 2015

Is the Hunger Games DVD worth your money?

Is the Hunger Games DVD worth your money?

                The Hunger Games is probably the biggest movie series in America right now. Every release has been a box-office hit, highly anticipated and watched by viewers across the country. However, this last movie was an outrageous attempt by producers to eat the public’s money. With the trilogy about to finish, they decided to split the last story in half in order to make an extra $100 million dollars. For those who have read the book, they’ll realize that the final ending in Part 1 of the Mockingjay was something that Katniss was not aware of until it was over. Most the events that happened while the rebels infiltrated the Capitol’s prison was not described by the author, Suzanne Collins. It was all made up by the producers in order to have some kind of ending to the movie. But everyone who watched the Hunger Games now has to spend another $15 dollars just to watch part 2 of the movie, where the real climax of the Mockingjay occurs. Sure, the actors in the movie did a great job of acting, but there wasn’t really much action as the previous two movies contained. So when the DVD comes out this March, there isn’t much need to buy it. DVD’s are supposed to be for movies you will watch over and over again, wearing out the disc until it is unwatchable. This movie is a must watch, but only so you have enough background information on the plot to be able to fully understand the final movie in the Hunger Games. That is the one movie that all fans of the series- including me- is waiting to see.  

Joshua Liao

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