Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Two poems by Harrison Chiu

By: Harrison Chiu

That was it!
The crayon in that
The shiny, pretty packet
Daddy bought it for me on my birthday

Daddy’s shirt was azure
Yes, Daddy shirt pretty morning
That color on his shirt is ugly

Daddy, it’s not naptime!
Why are you nappy on Mommy’s floor?
Mommy tells me not to sleep on the floor, not fair!

Why won’t you move?
What’s that red stuff, Daddy?

I’m scared…

By: Harrison Chiu

Damn you, damn you, damn you.
I’ll sing the hymns, raise the flags
I’ll bang the drums, ring the bells
Cursing you under my breath

Even in Death,
I can never defeat you
Stain your memory,
Make people see you like you are!

Your crimes wiped clean
Your sins forgotten
In a breathless blaze of glory
Venerated, remembered, retold

I hate you, martyr,
Your damn piety overcoming mistakes
I envy you, martyr,
A single act atoning your soul

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