Friday, January 30, 2015

Two poems by Harrison Chiu

Dark Places (Self Pity)
By: Harrison Chiu

Slip under the covers,
Throw the cover over your head,
You can hide away for a little bit
Isn’t the darkness warm?
Come down, little child
Come just a little closer
Don’t you be afraid, my darling
Isn’t it comfortable?
Sink down a little deeper,
Shut out a bit more of that light,
Yes, that’s just fine.
Don’t you feel safe?
Come closer, closer my little child
We can stay here forever,
Shut out the rest of the world

It’s a little lonely down here,
So please,

Don’t go.

By: Harrison Chiu

Untouchably elegant,
Blindingly pure,
Impassively remote,
Frustratingly consistent,
Frozenly crystalline,
Bitingly cold,
Numbingly cruel,

Until I melt in your hands.

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