Saturday, January 3, 2015

Prices (a poem) by Harrison Chiu

By: Harrison Chiu

A man in a hanging suit stands at the podium,
A piggish face, lined with sweat
A swollen and quivering mouth, ugly in power
A series of words, flowing from his mouth;
A soliloquy, questioning “materialism’s cost”
A secret, about the “nature of greed”
A veritable “truth about changing times”
A remembrance, of the past “age of values”
A glorious monologue, against the “manipulators of money”
A whisper, about “the power in the hands of the people”
A demonstration, to “show our ability”
A compassionate donation, to all the “cheated mothers”
A kitchen built, for all the “impoverished children”
A seed, planting an “idea of change”
A bitter harangue, denouncing “politicians and bankers”
A vicious diatribe, against “rising prices”
A nod, to the “difficulty of this right cause”
A promise, to “change and make things right”

All for the cheap cost of $19.99, today

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