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Miss Telall post for 1/31: Blue in All Black & Crying in Calculus

South Brunswick Public Library’s very own advice columnist, Miss Telall, has come to help you navigate through the travails of life with a weekly advice column open to everyone! Every question and response will be completely anonymous- you have only to send your questions in to, and check the SBPL blog to see if your question has gotten a response! To reiterate, all information will be kept COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS- so trust Miss Telall to handle whatever you throw her way! Be sure that entries are grammatically correct, and ended with the traditional formats shown below. Good luck!
Miss Telall’s FIRST EVER advice entries~

Dear Miss Telall,
I’ve never really thought of myself as a shy person. But after middle school, I quit soccer to catch up with school work, and began to sleep late and neglect personal care. I rarely exercise nowadays, and even get out of breath during gym! I’ve gained over 30 pounds, and it’s really messing up my self-esteem because I barely fit any of my old clothes, I look like a slob everyday, and I swear people are treating me differently because of my weight gain. I’m rarely social now, and lost friends, have slipping grades, and feel depressed. How can I get my life back on track?
                            Yours till the Sun Flowers,
                                    Blue in all Black
To Blue in all Black,
            Focus on one goal first of all. Stretching yourself in too many directions will only lead to unsatisfactory success  in a few departments. Spend a period concentrating entirely on schoolwork. When you have stability academically, push yourself to sign-up for a recreational soccer team, or some small classes to get you exercising again. Never feel shame over your own feelings or appearance in life. I absolutely won’t deny that kids can be cruel, and maybe they do judge you on your weight, or clothes, or whatever. The point is, every single person will go through points in time when they do not feel on top of their game. ALWAYS ignore the superficial and the bullies and concentrate on putting effort into yourself FOR yourself. As you see your improvement, and put mental (get some sleep!) and emotional health before all else, you’ll really begin to see those around you who truly care- the type of friends you want to have.
       My main point of advice is- if you truly continue to feel depressed, get help right away! Try speaking to a family member, a close friend, a teacher, or your guidance counselor at school! Searching for depression hotlines, or even psychiatric aid is never a point of shame and, in reality, is a practice that should be seen much more often! You’ll streamline a path to feeling good again, and know that you have support around you. Sometimes, confiding in someone else can be the greatest relief. Overall, high school is fleeting- but your mental impression of yourself is not. Outline your goals, and cut out unnecessary wishes that’ll only mess with your self-esteem. Good Luck!

                                 ~Miss Telall
Samaritans 24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (212) 673-3000
Dear Ms. Tellall,
As you know, midterms week is next week, and I’m literally terrified about taking my math midterm. I can’t seem to understand what goes on in class half the time, and I’m not exactly keen on asking the teacher or my parents for any additional help. I need major math help right now!
Crying in Calculus
To Crying in Calculus,
          Your two goals when studying for a math test include learning the material that was taught, and efficiently remembering the material so that you can use it for future classes. There is honestly no easy shortcut for math; you have to understand the material and practice, practice, practice in order to grasp the concepts. In reviewing for a math midterm, start off by looking over your notes and working through the examples. Then, rework through your homework. If you’re really struggling with the concepts after reviewing everything (and you’ve got a few school days before your midterm), consider going to the Math Resource Center during lunch (here’s a link regarding the schedules: ) or even the Homework Help Center (where Math Honor Society students tutor). There’s also plenty of websites that help to understand math and work out problems (my personal favorites include Khan Academy and Cool Math). Most importantly, the best resource you can use is math tutoring from SBPL itself! There’s plenty of amazing tutors who are willing to help you out with any difficult problems. Don’t forget to relax as you’re prepping up for this midterm, and next time, be sure to get help right after class! Math teachers are not as scary as they seem; I’m sure your math teacher would be eager to offer help or even provide tutoring after school if he/she learns you’re struggling with the material.

And that’s a wrap! Math midterms might be hard, but they’re nothing except for easy when you have the right resources and a study method. Be sure to keep up with Miss Telall for more advice, and if you’re having an issue, share it with this columnist to receive the *perfect* solution.
~Miss Telall

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