Friday, August 22, 2014

Shruti R. Patel....Funny

Laugh!!! It’s Joke Time!!!
1.      Teacher: Akhil, name an animal which is found in South Africa.
Akhil: A lion.
Teacher: That is absolutely right! Now, name another animal.
Akhil: Another lion.

2.      Jerry: Why are the blood groups of people different?
Bred: So that mosquitoes don’t get bored of drinking the same blood all the time.

3.      Gillian: Why did the Tennis player bring a tray to practice?
Tony: I don’t know.
Gillian: Because it was his turn to serve.

4.      Lucy: Daddy, what are four grapes and two grapes?
Daddy: Can’t you solve this simple addition problem on your own? Didn’t you do a similar problem in class?
Lucy: No, the teacher always uses bananas.

5.      Jennifer: Why didn’t you call me yesterday?
Maya: I did but each time I tried, your phone was busy!
Jennifer: Impossible! I was sitting with the receiver in my hand.

6.      Father: How was school today, Greg? Did you like it?
Gregory: It’s hard to like a place that’s haunted, Dad.
Father: Haunted! What do you mean?
Gregory: It’s my new teacher. She keeps talking about the school spirit.

7.      1st Man: Why are your hands in my pocket?
2nd Man: Sorry, I’m wearing an identical pair of trousers.

8.      Teacher: Johnny, did you cheat from Amy’s test?
Johnny: Yes, but how did you know?
Teacher: In one answer, Amy wrote, “I don’t know.” And you wrote, “Me neither.”

~ Shruti R. Patel

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