Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lovely Nature: a poem by Shruti R. Patel

Lovely Nature
Once I was strolling down a road in the lap of nature,
I saw birds chirping melodious songs,
And bees humming on flowers,
Deer running all around with joy,
And leaves giving tiny ants a ride,
The light rays of the sun spreading everywhere,
I saw flowers blossoming on trees,
Colorful butterflies flying around in the air,
And also leaves emerging on top of the trees,
A cool breeze making the plants dance joyfully,
How wonderful is nature!
Peep out the window,
Notice how great is its beauty!
Respect nature. Appreciate nature. Nature is our greatest gift. Nature makes us forget all our sorrows. Nature smiles at us and makes us smile as well. Nature showers its love on everyone.

~ Shruti R. Patel

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