Friday, July 18, 2014

World Cup Final by Akshay Shah

The World Cup Final
I think the 2014 world cup final didn’t go too good. This is because my team, Argentina, lost. I was very disappointed, Argentina scored a goal in the first half but it wasn’t counted because one player was offsides. After that play, the game was pretty much Germany in my opinion. The game was forced to go to extra time,this is because the goalies on each team were playing awesome.
In the extra time the game started out really slow, none of the teams even coming close to scoring a goal. Then Germany stepped up their game, causing a clever goal,stunning the Argentinian  crowd completely. I was hoping for the game to go to penalty kicks, but it didn’t happen. Argentina got a perfect opportunity at the end. Lionel Messi was decided to take the last free kick of the game. But somehow Messi missed it, the ball just sailed right over the center of the net and landed in the crowd. The cheering from the German side had already began.This meant that Germany had won the world cup.

Akshay Shah

7th grade

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