Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Thoughts by Shruti R. Patel

My Thoughts
“He who falls today may rise tomorrow.”
If we fail to do something today, we may learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves tomorrow. Failures are stepping stones to success; failures act like an experience. By making mistakes, we learn something worthwhile and gain more knowledge. We get the chance to go up in the game of life and climb up the ladder to success. This way, if we keep striving for our goals, we can rise ahead in our lives. When we feel defeated, it gives us an opportunity to learn something new from it. We need to have patience, determination, and dedication to be successful in life. Success is the result of the effort we put into something. Forget today’s failures. Instead, think about the success that may come tomorrow through hard work. Try to find joy in overcoming obstacles. The more fear we face, our courage and confidence grows, helping us to progress in our lives. Try again if you fail, without giving up on your dream.
 “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” 
Make the best of a given situation. Make something good out of a bad experience. If something undesirable happens, try to find a way to make something pleasant or positive come from it. Obtain a good result from a bad circumstance. When life gives you thorns, turn them into something good to create a better life for yourself. There are many discouragements and frustrations in life, but trying to find the best out of it is the key. Life is filled with happiness and sadness. Be happy even when you are sad. Smile even though the day is bitter. The bumps in life make us who we are today. Life is not perfect; it is unfair at times. However, just going along without getting scars is useless and worthless. The difficulties and hardships in life help us grow and become a better person in life. Try to see good even in harsh situations.
 “Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts.”  -Nikki Giovannie
Mistakes are keys towards success. There is nothing wrong in committing a mistake; it shows that we are trying with enthusiasm to learn and grow. Mistakes are just errors which eventually lead us towards the path of success. They are stepping stones to learning. Without making mistakes, we would not be able to gain experience of life. Mistakes are opportunities for us to learn something, improve ourselves, and acquire wisdom. Life is challenging. Mistakes give us feedback and through that, we achieve knowledge and understand life. Do not be embarrassed by your mistakes. Mistakes help us climb the staircase of life. Life is all about living, learning, and growing through mistakes.

~ Shruti R. Patel

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