Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Freshmen tips from Shruti R. Patel

How to Survive Freshman Year in High School
Dear middle school graduates,
I have a lot of advice for future freshmen. First of all, enjoy your time in high school. There are various opportunities for students and numerous clubs to spend your time in something you are interested in. There are so many sports you could get involved in as well. Don’t hesitate to participate in extracurricular activities and social school events such as the school dance or the Homecoming game. Do something that will make your time worthwhile. Teams at the high school are like one big family. Sports give you opportunities to make lifelong friends and learn to work as a team. For those of you who love music, join the marching band because they are incredibly talented! You can also choose to audition for one of the school musicals; they always turn out to be amazing and very entertaining. There’s something for everybody at the high school; you just have to figure out what fits your interests best. When it comes to academics in the high school, you always need to try your best and do what is expected from you. Don’t think that freshman year doesn’t count towards anything. College looks at all four years of high school and freshman year also counts towards your overall GPA. If you don’t do well freshman year, you may not meet the GPA requirements to be a part of National Honors Society or you may not be able to get into your dream school. Always work hard because in the end, you won’t regret it. Another thing is to form a good rapport with your teachers. They are always willing to help if you are struggling and they will prepare you for the road ahead. So respect your teachers; they’re there to make you succeed. Don’t let high school flash before your eyes. Participate in spirit week, powder puff, go to black and gold night, and above all, have fun! Volunteer in your community! The more you volunteer, the better you feel about yourself and the better of a chance you have to make it into National Honors Society. Study hard, be a good person, get involved, and make the most of what you have. Don’t just sit there and watch time fly by; stay active. Good luck to all of you; I know you all will be great!

Shruti R. Patel

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