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Demon King review

The Demon King Review


By: Aishwarya Ramaswamy


So, have you ever had a friend who just kept giving you things with good intentions, but it always ended up bad for you? I have one who gives me a book a month and all they do it is make me cry. She is in India, and she sends me the novels they receive, translates it, and sends it to me via email.


She recently sent me The Demon King, the first part of the Seven Realms series. Unlucky for her, I already read it. But this friend of mine keeps sending me books that make me cry at the end, because someone always gets severely injured.


The Demon King is a book that describes the lives of Han-a former gang member and street lord, who has recently left the life, for his sister- and Raisa ana’Marianna, the princess heir to the throne, whose future was coming to a sharp turn in spite of the arrival of her sixteenth name day.  The story alternates between the two stories, until when the have a complication which ends in where Han kidnaps Raisa, without knowing her true identity.


After that, they continue on their separate lives, as they both learn disturbing stories of the Demon King, a man who went insane and nearly destroyed the world. Raisa is the bloodline of Hanalea, the woman who married a man she didn’t love to save the world from her true love, the Demon King.


No one knew Hanalea was in love with the Demon King until Han discovered it, by his friend Lucius. The end of the novel shows signs that the war had only begun, and that though Raisa and Han had no other confrontation besides the kidnapping incident, that was only the beginning of their relationship.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as it made me realize the aspects of the varied lives of those in power and those forgotten. The advantages and disadvantages are crucial in these lives and sometimes, we let the power get to our heads. The novel represents manipulation, and how the hardest choices we make, are the ones that define us.


This book by Cinda Williams Chime is the first installment of the series, which creates a mysterious time, where one of the many themes shows, that love is very complicated.


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