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“Staying Busy During The Summer + Summer Goals” by Vanditha Krishnan

“Staying Busy During The Summer + Summer Goals”
by Vanditha Krishnan

We’ve all had those times when we’re so bored. It’s normal. The clouds are out, no kids are outside, you’re out of books, and your sibling is hogging the television. “What do I do?” is the dreaded question. There’s nothing to do, or so you thought....

This post will give you ten tips on how to stay busy during the summer, as well as goals to set for yourself. Whether it’s snuggling with a good book or enjoying a light run outside, you can make the most of your summer after reading this.

1. Prepare to read. I know, you’re thinking, seriously? There’s an amazing website,, that allows you to access online books in .epub format. If you have an Apple device, you can open these books directly in iBooks. Even better, most of the latest books are on the website; simply search up “(title of book) epub vk) and you’ll get a long list of pages and posts. A friend of mine suggested this and I am officially obsessed! If you download 20-25 books on iBooks, and you read three or four books a week like me, you should be set for the summer!

2. Exercise. Yup, I said it. The E-word. For those couch potatoes who don’t go out (I’ll admit, I kinda am one), try to get at least 30 minutes outside a day. One hour is recommended, but 30 minutes is better than nothing. Call your friends and go for a stroll around the park or something. Ride your bike around the community. Do anything, but just don’t binge-watch Netflix for the whole day.

3. Make one new friend. Families are constantly moving during summer vacation, and you’ll definitely have someone new coming in your neighborhood pretty soon. Use the opportunity to introduce yourself politely. Hopefully they’re in your grade!

4. Try a new hobby. Every summer, you should try to learn something different. Photography, coloring, painting, the summer opportunities are endless! Who knows, you might pick up some knitting!

5. Do something you’d never do before. Sorry, fans of classics, but I had a strong dislike for classic novels. I claimed that they were too old and boring. Last summer, I picked up The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, a classic novel published in 1922, and to my surprise, I loved it! Reading one different genre inspired me to try new things, so I’d suggest that you do it too.

6. Hold a fundraiser of some sort. My friends and I have always wanted to hold a bake sale -- this summer, I think we truly will. Try to also donate some of the proceeds to a charity; most fundraisers give away 15% or 20% of their total profits. Remember, the amount does not matter, it’s just fun.

7. Be green. No, don’t go around looking like the Wicked Witch of the West. Trade those plastic flowers for some houseplants. Revamp your plastic water bottle with a reusable one (which is cheaper in the long run). Cut your steamy showers in half to save water. Staying green is a great way to help the Earth.

8. Visit places. Museums usually offer free admission for students, and on certain days, you can get a pretty big discount. Take advantage of the fact that these places will keep you entertained, and make the most of it.

9. Clean out the old year. Get rid of folders, loose papers, and anything else you might not want to store in your room. That includes the Christmas sweater Grandma knit for you!

10. Visit the library! This is usually what I do in the summertime. If you can’t find anything to do, come to the library! They offer events and classes, and Saleena even holds activities meant for teens! The library is extremely peaceful and an overall great setting to work, study, or simply, relax in.

BONUS. Learn to cook! I can’t speak for myself for this one, but this summer I really want to learn to cook. Not dishes of Gordon Ramsay’s level; as long as I can learn something simple yet tasty, I’ll be happy. Read through those dusty cookbooks, and spend your time productively working in the kitchen.

Your summer is a fun time, but there are surely those times when you are stumped on what to do. Hopefully this post will have given you some basic ideas of how to make the most of your summer vacation. It’s always better to have too much to do than too less…

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